Meaningful Life Coaching for Personal & Professional Growth

Life Coaching for Personal & Professional Growth

  • Life Coaching will help you explore fresh perspectives and innovative ways of thinking, inspiring you to see opportunities where you may have seen obstacles By tapping into your creativity, you’ll discover new solutions and approaches to reach your goals.


  • Life coaching will guide you in getting in touch with your innermost feelings, strengths, and passions. By understanding your authentic self, you’ll be empowered to embrace your full potential and live a life aligned with your true desires.


  • We will go together through this creative process in order to deal with any of your self-limiting patterns and facilitate an achievement of your true goals and desires to maximize your personal and professional life.


  • I provide a friendly, comforting, and non-judgmental coaching style. With my support, you’ll feel safe to explore your thoughts and emotions, empowering you to confront challenges with clarity and confidence. My goal is to create a nurturing space where you can openly express yourself and make significant progress towards your aspirations

Let's reinvent your life together


Discovery Call

A brief introductory call to answer your questions. The call offers an initial opportunity to explore, understand, and evaluate your needs and objectives in coaching.

Coaching Hour

Are you ready to experience a significant positive shift in your life? Life Coaching Power Hour is designed to offer you an intensive and transformative coaching session that can ignite profound change and help you move closer to your goals in just 60 minutes.

Kick Start

The Kick-Start Package is a comprehensive coaching program that provides you with five one-on-one life coaching sessions, each lasting one hour. This package is thoughtfully curated to help you dive deep into self-discovery, overcome obstacles, and create a powerful action plan to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Life is a journey, not a goal

What others say

I had the pleasure of attending some coaching sessions with Lidia. The session was so well put together and Lidia explained everything so eloquently. She is really easy to relate to and has a wealth of knowledge. I gained clarity around a few issues I had and was able to work through them with Lydia's support & guidance. If your considering working with Lidia my advice would be "go for it" believe me you will not be disappointed!! Thanks Lidia
I have a great appreciation to what you did to my life. I learnt to question to myself 'How do I know?' All after the coaching you did with me at the Thai restaurant. You are such a great coach, I can't see how many people will benefit from you whomever have the opportunity to have it with you. I was certainly a lucky one. You have full my support in my heart even when I'm not in KL.
Never thought working with a professional life coach could be so transformational. Lidia has helped me frame my ambitions to live my best life and given me the enablers I needed to achieve them in the 5 year plan that I had. I am working with Lidia on my next stage of aspirations and we are creating the vision and the path.

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