Meaningful Life Coaching for Personal & Professional Growth

Coaching Solutions

Discovery Call

A brief introductory call to answer your questions. The call offers an initial opportunity to explore, understand, and evaluate your needs and objectives in coaching.

15 Minutes

Coaching Hour

Are you ready to experience a significant positive shift in your life? Life Coaching Power Hour is designed to offer you an intensive and transformative coaching session that can ignite profound change and help you move closer to your goals in just 60 minutes.

Kick Start

The Kick-Start Package is a comprehensive coaching program that provides you with five one-on-one life coaching sessions, each lasting one hour. This package is thoughtfully curated to help you dive deep into self-discovery, overcome obstacles, and create a powerful action plan to achieve your goals and aspirations.

5 Hours


On-going support. You need someone to talk to, when something happens in your life. Guidance on a long-term basis. Use it when you need it. Extra psychological support in your life. 8 sessions to take any time over the course of 6 months.

8 Hours

Introspective & Intuitive Session

1-hour session – non-conventional way to reflect on your current situation...

Discovery Call

A free 15 minute call to answer your questions!

Embrace Change: Life coaching guides you through transitions, helping you see change as an opportunity for growth rather than a challenge

Coaching Hour

60 minutes life coaching session

For those who are uncertain about how coaching can help, and want to experience it to get a better feel for the future. Do you think you have a small and quick issue to solve, and need some additional guidance?

Kick Start

5 sessions over the course of two months. Results oriented.

  • 1st session: evaluate chemistry, and build trust & rapport.
  • 2nd: goals setting, clarification process strategy buildup.
  • 3rd: Deep dive into the mindset, WHYs, challenges.
  • 4th: Mindset and behavioural changes.
  • 5th: Building an action plan for sustainable change. Prepare them for the next steps.

Possibility to add 2 more sessions at the same price as the package.

Flexible - Long-term Package

8 sessions over the course of 6 months

This is a comprehensive and personalized approach to helping you achieve your life goals, improve your well-being, and navigate personal and professional challenges. This package provides an extended period of support, spanning several months to facilitate sustained growth and transformation. The long-term flexible package recognizes that life can be unpredictable, therefore, it offers flexibility in scheduling coaching sessions. You can adjust session times as needed, accommodating changes to your routines, work commitments, or personal life events.

I'm here to team up with you and help you!

Introspective & Intuitive Session

1-hour session – non-conventional way to reflect on your current situation & understand what you are facing and what type of work you need to do.

Discover a transformative journey that combines the power of life coaching with the profound insights of tarot cards. This intuitive approach blends traditional life coaching techniques with the wisdom of tarot symbolism to provide you with a unique and enlightening experience.

Coaching process:

  • Step 1 – Introductory Session and Initial Assessment: In this first step, we’ll establish a strong and trusting relationship to support you throughout the coaching process. We’ll dive deep into understanding your current situation, strengths, weaknesses, and the outcomes you desire. Together, we’ll set clear and achievable goals to guide our journey.
  • Step 2 – Exploration and Self-Discovery: This step is all about self-exploration and understanding. We’ll delve into your mindset and belief system, identifying any obstacles that might be holding you back. We’ll also explore your core values, passions, and motivations, increasing self-awareness and connecting with your innermost thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.
  • Step 3 – Establishing the Learning Agenda: In this step, we’ll build upon your strengths while addressing any existing gaps. We’ll experiment with new thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, helping you acquire new skills and let go of old patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Step 4 – Action Plan Building and Commitment: Creating a detailed action plan is crucial for progress. We’ll work together to design a comprehensive plan, exploring potential obstacles and building a strong support system. By setting milestones and deadlines, we’ll ensure your plan becomes actionable and effective.

Life Coaching: What & Why?

  • Get ready for an exciting journey together as we explore your thoughts and creativity, igniting the fire within you to maximize your personal and professional potential. By becoming more self-aware, you’ll uncover incredible opportunities for growth.


  • Our partnership is all about setting clear goals and empowering you to take charge of your own path. Through a supportive and non-directive approach, we’ll work on your mindset and behaviour to achieve outstanding results in every area of your life.


  • Unlocking your potential is the mission of our partnership. With increased self-awareness and a shift in perspective, we’ll break free from any self-limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. You’ll feel confident and ready to embrace your unique path of growth. Let’s do this!

What others say

I am very Lucky meet with Lidia. I meet her on the right time. When I have many problems, suddenly I meet her on a gathering. I feel comfortable talking with her. Then she help me to solve my problem by some meetings. She is a good mentor and Coach for life. She has something that makes you can solve your problem and how to solve it. Thank you Lidia, can wait to meet and share with you again. Good luck
Social Media Country Manager
Well a while ago I suffered from self loathing, depression and emptiness. I somehow got connected to life coach Lidia and with a couple of sessions and questions she threw at me, I somehow woke up from that deep sleep and managed to take control of my life again. I can't wait to meet Lidia and tell how grateful I am for her presence in my life. We are good friends today and we touch base every now and then. For anyone looking for answers or feel stuck in their lives, connect with Lidia ...she has the magic touch of setting you free. Best of luck.
Dinesh Singh
Your style of coaching and approach is great. One would feel relaxed and in the right hands. I wish you great success.
Ambuj Tripathi
MAN Energy Solutions