Meaningful Life Coaching for Personal & Professional Growth


I had the pleasure of attending some coaching sessions with Lidia. The session was so well put together and Lidia explained everything so eloquently. She is really easy to relate to and has a wealth of knowledge. I gained clarity around a few issues I had and was able to work through them with Lydia's support & guidance. If your considering working with Lidia my advice would be "go for it" believe me you will not be disappointed!! Thanks Lidia
Tracy Pickston
Breath work & Energy Healer
I have a great appreciation to what you did to my life. I learnt to question to myself 'How do I know?' All after the coaching you did with me at the Thai restaurant. You are such a great coach, I can't see how many people will benefit from you whomever have the opportunity to have it with you. I was certainly a lucky one. You have full my support in my heart even when I'm not in KL.
Kyoko Rabbetts
Kyokos Fusion Kitchen
Never thought working with a professional life coach could be so transformational. Lidia has helped me frame my ambitions to live my best life and given me the enablers I needed to achieve them in the 5 year plan that I had. I am working with Lidia on my next stage of aspirations and we are creating the vision and the path.
Jeffrey Manuel
Regional Chief Partnership Officer, Allianz AP
I am very Lucky meet with Lidia. I meet her on the right time. When I have many problems, suddenly I meet her on a gathering. I feel comfortable talking with her. Then she help me to solve my problem by some meetings. She is a good mentor and Coach for life. She has something that makes you can solve your problem and how to solve it. Thank you Lidia, can wait to meet and share with you again. Good luck
Social Media Country Manager
I am immensely grateful for your guidance and support as my personal coach during my career decision-making process. Your insightful questions and expertise have been instrumental in helping me gain clarity and confidence. Your unwavering belief in my abilities and encouragement to follow my passion have been truly transformative. Thank you for helping me make informed decisions and navigate towards a fulfilling career.
Iltu Isik
Country Manager, LC Waikiki
Your style of coaching and approach is great. One would feel relaxed and in the right hands. I wish you great success.
Ambuj Tripathi
MAN Energy Solutions
Insightful, powerful questions that promped important realisations & connected me with my blockers & my motivations. Lidia's compassionate & positive energy is crucial in making the wisdoms in the session so effective. Very highly recommended.
Hanna Shelard
Excellent session. Thought provoking and inspiring.
Corina Griffin
I had a few online sessions with Lidia where she took me through some life coaching concepts. Lidia is thoughtful and approachable. She also took the initiative set up an online coaches group for knowledge sharing.
Shil Jain
Well a while ago I suffered from self loathing, depression and emptiness. I somehow got connected to life coach Lidia and with a couple of sessions and questions she threw at me, I somehow woke up from that deep sleep and managed to take control of my life again. I can't wait to meet Lidia and tell how grateful I am for her presence in my life. We are good friends today and we touch base every now and then. For anyone looking for answers or feel stuck in their lives, connect with Lidia ...she has the magic touch of setting you free. Best of luck.
Dinesh Singh
Lydia is so lovely and very easy to talk to. Was a very helpful session 🙂
Jaz Gill
I had only one session with Lidia, but it was a great experience. She is an amazing listener, very understanding. She knows when to talk and when to keep silence, nicely directing the conversation. It really gave me some strong insights and I am very grateful for her kind guidance.

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