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Equanimity… what’s in a word?

In Buddhism, the state of internal balance is often referred to as “equanimity” or “upekkha” in Pali, one of the foundational languages of Buddhist texts. Equanimity is considered one of the four or divine abodes, along with loving-kindness (metta), compassion (karuna), and sympathetic joy (mudita). Why are we talking about Equanimity and how is it […]

My First Academic Article has been published!!!

Dear friends, this is the true moment of joy & happiness, that I would really love to share with you. I am currently on my journey to pursue Doctorate in Human Resource Management and my first academic paper has been published yesterday in Management Review Quarterly. It involved one year of hard work with the […]

Simple Yet Effective Steps to Change Your Self-Talk!

Let’s pick up from where we left off last time and explore some simple but effective steps to change your self-talk. Get ready to throw the heavy weight of fears and doubts off your shoulders to move forward with ease! 1. ACKNOWLEDGE AND CHALLENGE YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS – Stop being a hostage of your own […]

Chicken or Egg, Brain or You? Create your own story!

What comes first? Does your brain tell you what to do and what to think? Or are you in control of your own thoughts? Remember yourself laying wide awake at this famous 2 am in the morning with zero sleep, but with hundreds of thoughts that keep racing in your mind up and down like […]

Are We Just Existing or Thriving?

Did another week just pass by on an autopilot mode? How to understand whether you are living it to the fullest…OK, let’s not slide into the perfectionist here, or at least up to 80-90% percent? This is not about being mega productive. It is about being in the moment of flow or equilibrium, when things […]

Toxic Positivity or Social Media Bias

I opened up #linkedin this morning and scrolled down, like usual, only to see all various wins, achievements, awards, happy faces, conferences’ successes and many, many positive vibes! Which is great and very inspiring! It is nothing but natural to celebrate the success and to connect with others by sharing your wonderful life experiences. Although, what […]

“I Have Been Gaslighted”

… You are being too sensitive / overreacting / dramatic / needy / insecure … This is not a big deal, why are you always acting this way? … I am sorry you felt this way … You don’t remember, it never happened … You are not making any sense … I did this because […]

“Unlocking Inner Wisdom: The Power of Tarot Cards in Life Coaching”

    Life coaching is a transformative journey that empowers people to set and achieve their goals, unlock their potential and overcome obstacles on the way to meaningful life and fulfilment. Tarot cards is an unconventional tool and approach, that can broaden the horizon of life coaching through tapping into deep self-reflection & intuition.   […]

“Procrastination: The Silent Enemy of Your Dreams”

Procrastination: the word itself carries a heavy weight, doesn’t it? We all know it, we’ve all experienced it, and yet, it remains one of the most common obstacles on our journey towards success and self-improvement. In this article, we’re going to dive headfirst into the depths of procrastination, understand its root cause and discover how […]

Meet my new best friend – Self-Love

  I have been practicing Life Coaching for the last 5 years and worked with various clients from different countries and backgrounds. What I find common and extremely wide spread among all different coachees is the ongoing issue of anxiety. We all talk about stress and anxiety management and give a lot of advices on […]