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“Unlocking Inner Wisdom: The Power of Tarot Cards in Life Coaching”



Life coaching is a transformative journey that empowers people to set and achieve their goals, unlock their potential and overcome obstacles on the way to meaningful life and fulfilment. Tarot cards is an unconventional tool and approach, that can broaden the horizon of life coaching through tapping into deep self-reflection & intuition.


Tarot cards is my passion and I have been practicing tarot cards reading for the last few years. I did observe that so called “fortune telling” practice had many times turned into coaching session with clients’ deep self-reflection and realizations on challenging life scenarios.

Let’s understand and explore the potential benefits of tarot cards, that could be incorporated into life coaching practice and let’s find out the connection between life coaching and tarot, grounded in psychology.


The Bridge Between Tarot and Life Coaching

Tarot cards, traditionally associated with divination and fortune-telling, might seem like an unlikely partner for the field of life coaching. However, at their core, tarot cards are a powerful tool for introspection and insight. Life coaching, too, aims to facilitate personal growth, self-understanding and self-discovery.


The Benefits of Incorporating Tarot Cards

  1. Self-Exploration and Insight: Tarot cards serve as a mirror to one’s inner world. Each card symbolizes different aspects of human experiences and emotions. By exploring these symbols and their meanings, individuals can gain deeper insights into their own thoughts, feelings, and life circumstances. This heightened self-awareness is a cornerstone of effective life coaching.


  1. Clarity and Perspective: Tarot cards offer a unique perspective on life’s challenges. They encourage clients to view situations from different angles and consider alternative “out of box” solutions. This fresh perspective can help to break free from limiting beliefs and thought patterns, fostering personal growth.


  1. Goal Setting and Action Planning: Tarot cards can be used to assist clients in setting and visualizing their goals. The cards can provide guidance on the steps needed to achieve those goals and highlight potential obstacles.


  1. Facilitation of Empowerment: Tarot cards empower clients to take charge of their own lives. They shift the focus from external factors to internal strengths and resources.


  1. And it is Fun 😊 ….


The Psychology Behind Tarot in Life Coaching

The psychology behind the use of tarot cards in life coaching is grounded in several psychological principles:

  1. Archetypal Symbolism: One of the foundational psychological theories that underpin tarot card archetypes is Carl Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious. Tarot cards tap into archetypal symbols that resonate with the collective human psyche. The journey through tarot cards deck symbolizes the human experience from the starting point of a new journey to its fulfilment. This journey aligns with life coaching, where clients often begin with uncertainty and a desire for change, eventually achieving personal growth and self-fulfillment.


  1. The Power of Metaphor: Metaphor is a potent tool to increase self-awareness and encourage clients to reframe their thoughts and narratives. Each card represents a stage in this transformative process, mirroring the client’s progress in coaching.


  1. Self-Reflection and Intuition: The act of choosing cards and interpreting their meaning encourages introspection and intuitive thinking. Clients are encouraged to tap into their own wisdom and intuition, empowering them to make informed decisions.


Incorporating tarot cards into life coaching is a dynamic and unconventional way to enhance the coaching experience. Tarot cards open new avenues for personal growth and transformation. The connection between life coaching and tarot, deeply rooted in psychology and the human experience, highlights the potential for profound insights and positive change.

So, if you’re seeking a holistic and exciting approach to personal development, consider the captivating synergy between tarot cards and life coaching—it might just be the key to unlocking your inner wisdom and reaching your fullest potential.

I am offering an introspective session with the use of tarot cards, the details of which you can find on the Coaching Solutions page: Introspective & Intuitive Session –