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Are We Just Existing or Thriving?

Did another week just pass by on an autopilot mode? How to understand whether you are living it to the fullest…OK, let’s not slide into the perfectionist here, or at least up to 80-90% percent?

This is not about being mega productive. It is about being in the moment of flow or equilibrium, when things fall into place and you feel yourself moving forward effortlessly. I always ask my clients to do a quick self-audit check in to get some sense of awareness:

1. Am I currently aligned with my life purpose (what is my life purpose?)
2. What is my mood 5 out of 7 days a week?
3. What am I looking forward to, each morning when I wake up?
4. What is my next big goal (personal and professional)?
5. When did I feel happy last time and why?

These simple questions are just a humble beginning to spike some self-reflection, to step back and pause for a minute. At present, are we just existing or thriving in our lives?

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