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Chicken or Egg, Brain or You? Create your own story!

What comes first? Does your brain tell you what to do and what to think? Or are you in control of your own thoughts? Remember yourself laying wide awake at this famous 2 am in the morning with zero sleep, but with hundreds of thoughts that keep racing in your mind up and down like Mad Max Fury Road? Is it happening to you or are you doing this to yourself?

We experience the myriad of thoughts each day and approximately 45 thoughts per minute. How often do we pause to take a minute, breathe and to focus on the present moment to become aware of our current thinking? It is practically impossible to track & monitor each single thought that is generated by our brain as it is constantly active, processing information from our senses, memories, and internal states. This neural activity gives rise to our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. So yes, our brain does generate thoughts based on the information it receives and processes.

But…we can take the control in our hands to choose whether to focus on the problems and let them grow bigger or on the solutions and progress forward. We can focus on our fears and doubts or we can zoom into our courage and powerful affirmations. They say you are what you eat – I say you are what you think. You tell yourself you don’t deserve it or you can’t achieve it and you will start believing it sooner or later. Isn’t it just amazing that you can be the director of your own movie, the author of your own story…how? Change your narrative, pull the thoughts out of your head, look at them and get rid of old draggy baggage that is not serving you anymore…. you want to know how?


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