Meaningful Life Coaching for Personal & Professional Growth

Coaching 101 or Everything, that You wanted to Know about Coaching, but were afraid to…

There is still quite a bit of confusion regarding the history and essence of coaching.


I come across many questions, such as: What is Coaching? Is it Counselling or Mentoring? How does it really work? The reason is that coaching is still a rather novel helping intervention. Coaching has emerged in the middle of the 20th century from the combination of multiple disciplines including education, sports, philosophy and, of course, psychology. Coaching was initially based on managerial psychology and has been transformed into a standalone helping intervention only quite recently, in the beginning of the 21st century.


As you probably know already, Coaching exists in parallel with other types of helping intervention including training, counselling and mentoring.


Some of them have common aspects with coaching or even overlap, however these are essentially independent forms of support. Coaching has become popular among various corporate industries to help top-management and their teams to excel in their performance, improve their skills and learn how to manage challenging work issues. If before coaching was not a very well-regulated profession, it is regulated by International Coaching Federation (ICF). All the coaches shall be accredited with a proper coaching school. ICF defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential” (International Coaching Federation, 2021;


Besides that, Coaching is an empowering, goal-driven, and non-directive form of learning partnership.


Coach facilitates structured process of interaction that helps you to explore your current life situation, identify self-limiting belief and develop an action plan to grow personally & professionally. The primary purpose of coaching is to unlock your potential. Coaching will help you to increase your self-awareness through deep work with your self-limiting beliefs such as lack of self-confidence, fears of failure/judgement/uncertainties, self-doubts and many others. The goal is reframe the negative beliefs into positive mindset that will help you to live life to the fullest.


The value of coaching has been recognized by the organizations and by individuals.


Many international companies have used coaching for their executive force & employees. Coaching has been incorporated into talent management and development plans. The real value of Coaching has been shown in such results as: improved performance and work engagement, motivation and retaining, advanced relationships’ management and communication skills, enhanced work-life balance and general well-being.


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