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Uncomfortable Comfort Zone or Why Do We All Need Coaching?

Don’t we all sometimes run low on self-esteem and see no signs of progress in our personal and professional life? Or do our self-doubts and negative thought patterns increase day by day?


Nothing is more delightful than seeing ourselves progressing in life and overcoming challenges by dealing with our self-limiting beliefs and low self-confidence. As a personal life coach, I am dedicated to bringing out the positive change in our mindset and behaviour through working with our innermost thoughts and emotions to provoke higher self-awareness and create a desirable path forward!

We are all sometimes puzzled with the meaning and quality of our life…is it good enough, am I happy, what is missing in my life right now, what could be better? All these and many other questions, that we tend to ask ourselves from time to time, pop up in our heads and then they, unfortunately, disappear and left unattended. We are not always ready to take an action to address them and we are not always brave enough to change something in our life. We happen to run on an autopilot or we are waiting for “Something” to happen to change our state and make us happier. And I am not saying things do not happen, all that I am saying that: isn’t it better to decrease unhappy days in our life and increase the time, where we feel in control, highly satisfied and driven by the purpose.


Life gets too busy or we get too lazy or we do not have the right motivation and tools kit to change our current state. We get used to live in certain unhappiness or maybe dissatisfaction, because it becomes an uncomfortable comfort zone. Don’t underestimate the power of the human habit. Coaching is a unique way to kick start the change you have been delaying for a while due to internal fears, self-doubts and uncertainties. Life Coaching is not purely focused on achievements and high performance; coaching is aimed to bring in your unique meaning into your life that will be precious specifically for you.

Our goals and dreams are based on our identity by truly knowing who we are and what we really want this life to be. Challenges and struggles are real and are an essential part of our life. We grow and develop by making mistakes and being imperfect. However, if negative self-sabotaging narrative persist in our mind, then it’s the time for us to do some self-assessment and explore the root cause of our current dissatisfying state in order to build up our way forward.

It’s imperative to firstly comprehend ourselves and our true goals to positively impact our lives. Proper goal-setting and measurable progress will spark your lost passion and help you find the true meaning of our being and explore the things that bring a positive attitude and smile. These baby steps will take us on the journey of self-actualization and boost self-confidence. Life is intended to be lived with excitement and happiness, so don’t miss out on it! 

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